Friday, January 6, 2012

Yes, that was quite a long time away

Well, that was a much longer hiatus than I was planning on. It always seems so much harder to start again when it's been a long while that I've written. The only thing I've missed is all of my girl's birthdays and Christmas. :)

When we left off, Grampa and Nana were here for a visit. What fun was had by all. We decorated for Christmas before they left and they got to celebrate Charlotte's birthday with us and have a little early party for Ella. 

Charlotte's birthday was the day after Thanksgiving and then Ella's was a week later. We call it our birthday season as my birthday is also within days of theirs. 

I've always wondered how many pictures a post will hold. I don't usually just share crazy numbers of pictures and some of these are even a bit blurry or are not the greatest resolution (off the iPhone). But I will post them anyway. 

We had a joyous relaxing Christmas break and this week have been slowly starting back to our regular schedule.
helping set up the Christmas tree 
Annual Hill Christmas party

Denver Art Museum with friends

No more toddler bed - three little monkeys in a bunk bed 
Yes, we live here!

making snow cubes in the unmelted front yard snow
Christmas cookie painting

snowy Christmas break day 
Ella watching the snow pile up
peanut butter balls - my girls live in their pajamas in the winter 

Luke 2 in Troy's Greek New Testament

Madelyn was so excited about this gift for Daddy - a coupon book 
Baby quilts from Gramma Myers 

diva girl modeling at Costco 

crafts with Grampa
spinning girl
Nana and Grampa took Madelyn on a long bike ride to Starbucks! 

Ella's K class, lining up for art

Aunt Nicole always gives the girls whipped cream in a cup when we visit her store

Madelyn reading to our baby friend Sean 
Happy Birthday morning 4-year-old! 
snowflake pancakes for breakfast 
making snowflake cookies for the party at lunchtime 

Happy Birthday morning 6-year-old Ella! 

ready and bundled for school on her cold birthday
Ella's birthday lunch with Grace at Whit's End 

singing happy birthday with candles in her pizza 
movie night birthday treats 

Ella with baby Sean

one of my favorite Christmas pictures

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