Saturday, January 7, 2012

Madelyn's birthday

December 31, 2011

Dear Madelyn,

I can't believe that you are eight years old. You have left babyhood and entered girlhood and it's beautiful to watch. I love your love for your younger sisters and your sweet heart towards any baby. God is shaping a love for children in you. God has also given you a brilliant mind - your reading reminds me of myself when I was little; voraciously reading book after book after book. This year, I've also noticed a love in you to teach what you've learned to your little sisters. It's thrilling to hear you upstairs patiently teaching the sounds of the alphabet and other things to them. 
I pray that the Lord would use these gifts He's bestowed on you for the glory of His Son Jesus. That you will give Him back what you've been given. I pray that you would seek Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. I pray that He will humble your heart before Him and you will fully receive His love in abundance this year. 
Let's keep writing in our journal back and forth, go on many outings, snuggle and talk past bedtime, draw and paint, create music and sing. . .together. 
I love you my sweet first girl. 

We had a church family wedding the morning of Madelyn's birthday but later in the afternoon, she invited several friends over for a spa party. The girls all got pampered with foot soaks, lots of soaps and lotions, and even sparkling juice and chocolates. 

party favors: pedicure set, bath poof, towel
Alissa and Madelyn

pedi time

Daddy gave her chess; she's been asking to learn and was very excited
Thank you Nana and Grampa
Bathrobe from sister
lots of toes
Charlotte, Ella, Alissa, Abby, Sophie, Madelyn
Sophie teaching Madelyn the Knifty Knitter

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